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Northern Capital News is a daily newsletter focused on Prince George, B.C., Canada and community conversations about it.

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Northern Capital News was started in October 2022 as an outlet for me to share stories of the city I call home in one place, without simply posting into the void of social media platforms. It’s slowly been finding an audience of people who are passionate about the community and value having a one-stop shop to catch up on the news of the city in a daily package, as evidenced by the testimonials on this page.

Support and feedback

Northern Capital News is free, and I intend to keep it that way. It’s not a job, it’s a hobby and it’s done in my free time. It also relies heavily on the reporting of local media so if you value what you read here, I highly recommend buying a subscription or giving your financial support to one of those outlets in order to help keep reporters in this city working.

You can share tips and feedback by emailing newsletter@kurjata.ca or hitting reply.

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